Finger Tangles, 2020 (on going)
Porcelain and underglaze

Bad Dancer

I started making these flat pieces, which feature tangles of interlocking fingers, in February 2020, just before the pandemic started. They are about the sensuality and weirdness of the everyday, the familiarity and strangeness of our own bodies, about making shadow puppets. But now they are suddenly also about what hands and fingers mean in the age of contagion and germaphobia. I titled the first piece in the series: Has the meaning of fingers changed?

Coiffed and Cratered

Coiffed and Cratered (details)

Has the Meaning of Fingers Changed

Has the Meaning of Fingers Changed (detail) 

Skimp and Scamper

Skimp and Scamper (details)

That Scene from Bettlejuice

That Scene from Bettlejuice (details)