Negative Capability, (2016)
HD video with sound, 6 min

Negative Capability has been shown at:

Gabriela Vainsencher: Inheritance - Solo show at Baruch College Center for New Media, 2023
Relative Material- Group show at NurtureArt in Brooklyn, NY, 2017
It was the focus of Linda Norden’s article about my work in BOMB magazine in 2017.

This work started from the soundtrack: an audio-collage, which I created out of recordings of conversations I had with my mother, a Uruguayan psychoanalyst who lives in Israel, over the course of one year. I cut and rearranged her words, sometimes creating a new sentence out of many disparate ones, sometimes leaving whole minutes untouched. I even made a song out of her “ehh”s and “uh”s. What remains is a monologue that turned out to be equally about her process as an analyst and mine as an artist. The title of the work refers to the words Keats used to describe Shakespeare’s genius, and which psychoanalytical theorist Wilfred Bion borrowed to describe the analyst’s single most important ability- to be able to exist in a state of not-knowing, in order to arrive at a deeper understanding.

Read Linda Norden's essay about this project in Bomb Magazine here.

Read about the objects in the video here.

"Negative Capability" is a two- channel HD video installation with sound, Hebrew and Spanish with English subtitles. 09:20 min. (loop)

Installation views: