El Objeto Que Se Acuerda, (2017)
Porcelain with underglaze

El Objeto Que Se Acuerda, which, roughly translated from the Spanish means “The Object That Remembers Itself”. Starting out as simple cylinders but always collapsing, twisting, buckling, and leaning, each work in this series is a portrait of its own failings. The black underglaze that I rub into them further reveals and highlights all the imperfections in their surfaces, like mascara running into the crows-feet around the eyes. The series is inspired by my own failings as an object-maker. I am always more interested in the potential that mistakes, accidents, and failures hold than the perfect execution of an initial idea.

Installation views at "Inclinations" curated by Jae Cho at Spencer Brownstone gallery, LES, NY, NY, July-Sept 2018 (images by Adam Kremer)

Jumper, 2016, various views

The Word Bubble, 2017, Porcelain with underglaze

Inside Out, 2016. Porcelain with underglaze, 8x4x5 inches. (Four views)

Inside Out, 2016. (Detail)

Maw, 2016

Maw, 2016 (detail)

Punched, 2016 (2 views)

Punched, 2016 (detail)

Like Paper, 2016

Skirt, 2016 (2 views)